Osteo Health Clinic improves the treatment of concussions and vestibular disorders with the use of eye-tracking in virtual reality. Within minutes, we can assess you objectively using scientific metrics. We provide interactive rehab targeted to your personal needs.

How It Works

A VR Platform comprises 8 minutes of virtual reality testing in which you perform simple tasks by moving head and eye in response to a set of specific neurological tasks. We generate a metric-based, quantitative report within seconds of collecting personal data using our secure cloud platform.

This interactive rehabilitation exercise program targets the same functions that were tested and shown in the report. VR Platform  has over 20 interactive exercises. By using both models, we can offer you targeted rehabilitation, resulting in a faster recovery.

Neuro Flex platform
Personalize Treatment

VR Platform testing starts with a 5-10min set simple of tests in VR to measure your eyes and head as you perform simple tasks. Each test is designed to target specific neurological functions.

With our online dashboard, you can view the results of each test as metrics and graphs, which provides a clear, objective assessment of neurological function.

VR Platform Training, we start customized, targeted treatment plans right away. Virtual reality exercises stimulate and assist rehabilitation of each function based on testing results.