physiotherapy for kids


Our pediatric physiotherapist concentrates on pediatric physiotherapy assessments and treatments. Pediatric therapy is tailored for babies, children and young adults between 0 and 19 years. 

There are several causes of children having developmental delay, injury to the brain, sports injuries, pain, accidents, orthopedic and neurological problems. They can benefit from the experience of our pediatric physiotherapist to aid recovery and develop treatment programmes, including pediatric physiotherapy exercises to work towards regaining full optimum function.

We provide the care needed for ALL kids to reach their maximum physical potential and recover from injury. Osteo Health is making physiotherapy FUN.


Movement, behavioral and learning dysfunction in children:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Developmental Delay


  • Fine motor coordination
  • Gross motor coordination
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Proprioceptive development
  • Spatial awareness
  • Balance training
  • Attention development


At Osteo Health, you get an individual treatment room that is thoroughly disinfected and prepared for you. Your Physiotherapist is with you the entire treatment. You get a prescribed customized therapeutic program intended for the best results for your individual situation.


Our experienced Physiotherapist provides the highest quality care.  She will coordinate communication with your family and other health team members as required. They coordinate communication with your family and health team members. You get an assessment of your home environment and instructions on getting it utilized and modified to achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Whether your child needs rehabilitation after an illness or injury, or needs help to achieve developmental milestones, we will work with you to reach the predetermined goal of treatment.


Virtual physiotherapy involves using video calls to provide physiotherapy services remotely. Whether you have barriers that make it difficult to leave your home or simply prefer the convenience of care on your terms, you can connect with our experienced physiotherapist for a 1-on-1 session from anywhere in Alberta. This type of physiotherapy upholds the same safety, effectiveness, and ethical standards of care as in-person visits.


The number of treatments will depend on the pre-determined goal, how severe the condition is, and how your child and family can adapt to the therapy indications required for improvement.

Most indications require 1–3 treatments per week, which are done every second day, depending on the patient’s condition.

We provide Telehealth Physiotherapy to all of our patients, including people with musculoskeletal, vestibular health conditions for kids and adults.

It depends on the type of your treatment. Please consult with your Physiotherapist to find out if there are any restrictions after your treatment.

You simply connect online for a video physiotherapy session in real-time using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Before your appointment, you will receive an email with the secured link to your session. Simply clicking on the link will enable video and audio with your physiotherapist. Any required paperwork will also be emailed to you ahead of time.

We highly value face-to-face appointments with our patients. However, when in-person sessions are not feasible, research suggests that video physiotherapy is a viable alternative.

Yes, the majority of extended health benefit plans in Alberta cover telehealth physiotherapy sessions. These insurers include, but are not limited to, Sunlife, Manulife, Great West Life, WSIB, and some Motor Vehicle Accident clients. However, insurance policies are constantly evolving, and we advise that you contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage details.

The Therapy should be in the pain free zone. You should not experience pain during your treatment and after your treatment.