Article. Osteoarthrosis.


Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of physical disability in older adults. It can also be referred to as wear and tear, or called degenerative joint disease. The hip, knee and shoulder are the most common joints affected by the condition.  OA occurs when the joint’s cartilage starts to break down. It can wear significantly enough to expose the roughened surfaces of bone beneath, becoming stiff and painful.

Osteo Health offers effective non-invasive treatment options for Osteoarthritis. The most effective treatment is considered shockwave therapy. Clearly, the combination of other modalities mentioned below gives the most desired result.

Shockwavetherapy for an affected joint may reduce pain and improve functional outcomes. The effect may last from six months to one year.

For instance clinical study:     ESWT for Patients with knee OA

Therapeutic exercises for osteoarthritic joint help to reduce the pain and improve physical function of the joint.

For instance clinical study:     Therapeutic Exercise Program for Patients With Osteoarthritis 

Providing Manual Osteopathy in addition to exercise therapy improves treatment effectiveness compared to providing consecutive exercise therapy sessions alone. Manual Osteopathy reduces muscle spasms near joints, eases neurological irritations around joints, makes joints more mobile and reduces pain and discomfort.

For instance clinical study:     Incremental Effects of Manual Therapy

For instance clinical study:     The Effect of LLLT for knee OA

 Laser therapy was found an effective way to reduce pain and improve range of motion of an osteoarthritic joint.

Electrotherapy may be an effective treatment for muscle weakness in adults with advanced progressive disease, including osteo arthritis, and could be considered as an exercise treatment for use within rehabilitation programs.

For instance clinical study:     ET for Muscle Weakness

Ultrasound therapy is an effective treatment modality that causes pain relief and improves function and ROM in patients with knee Osteoarthritis. 

For instance clinical study:    Efficacy of ultrasound therapy for the management of knee osteoarthritis

With some simple management, it is possible to significantly decrease your pain, improve your activity & function, and reduce your need for oral painkillers.


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