Meet Osteo Health Team!

Find your licensed manual Osteopath specializing in a wide range of issues related to your bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues here. Osteopathy offers a holistic way to address your health and manage stress. It’s important to note that osteopathic care complements traditional medical treatments and is entirely safe. 

Our passion for Osteopathy drives us to provide client-centered, evidence-based care. With us, you’ll not only receive professional treatment but also the assurance that you’ll be seen, heard, and genuinely helped on your path to wellness.

Indira is a Manual Osteopath with extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

 Indira uses hands on approach to correct biomechanical dysfunctions related to neuromuscular complaints. She uses different techniques such as structural osteopathy, visceral therapy, craniosacral therapy,  and other.

This holistic approach is all about treating even the most complex physical conditions and restoring you to health and wellness.

See Indira in action

Inna is a Certified Laser Shockwave and Ultrasound Therapist working alongside our manual Osteopath. 

Inna uses complementary, non-invasive modalities to enhance the effective result from osteopathic treatment such as laser therapy (LLLT), shockwave therapy (SWT), ultrasound therapy (UT) and other.

Inna is a person-oriented healthcare Professional with the highest professional ethical standards.

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