EQ brain platform


Brain Health Platform is a proprietary brain performance and mental wellness assessment tool. It is an intelligent brain health technology.

  • Balance function: The  balance test evaluates the inner ear (vestibular) and hip-knee-ankle (proprioceptive) systems, as well as the circuits connecting these areas.
  • Visual function: The visual function test evaluates large aspects of the geography of the brain. In fact, these systems are represented by >50% of the brains pathways.
  • Cognition function: The cognitive function tests evaluate several elements of executive function, letter and number recognition, mental flexibility and reaction time.
  • Resilience: Resilience is a 90-second mental wellness test that assesses mental wellbeing by measuring the balance between stress and recovery.
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For Osteo Health clients, Brain Health Platform access is $7.99/per month for one year.