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Digital Posture Analysis: posture improvement brings healthier you

Accurate digital Posture Analysis is already in the Osteo Health clinic. This Posture Assessment is an important part of your first visit to our clinic. It helps our osteopaths to find and treat the real cause of your problem. Posture improvement brings healthier you.

What is posture?

Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Healthy posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Our everyday movements and activities can affect this alignment and put stress on joints and muscles, sometimes resulting in pain and potentially permanent damage if left unchecked over time. Utilizing proper ergonomic and movement strategies can help prevent these problems.

How do you benefit from Posture Analysis?

First of all, awareness of your posture with an understanding of healthy movement strategies will help you intentionally on purpose correct yourself. People who using correct posture are less distinctly possible to experience related back and neck pain. Sitting and standing with proper alignment, first of all, supports your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Additionally improves blood flow, helps keep your nerves and blood vessels healthy.

How does Posture Analysis work?

The process is simple, through a secure application we take photos and videos of movement during your assessments. The system digitizes, measures and interprets using PostureScreen.

Digital Posture Assessment includes:

  1. Standing and Seated Posture Assessments
  2. Movement Assessments such as Squat
  3. Body Composition. Yes from photographs! Yes, it is accurate!
  4. Exercise corrective prescriptions through Web exercises

This application accurately assesses your status and suggest corrective exercises according to the screening results. The solution encompasses the efficient and quick analysis of Augmented Reality Assisted Posture & Movement Screens along with body composition (2D and 3D) that drive proper and uniform assessment with corrective exercise suggestions!

What is most exciting about this solution during the COVID-19 pandemic is that it can be done completely “touchless”.

Book your appointment and try Digital Posture Analysis in Osteo Health Clinic as soon as possible!

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