Combined treatment

Combined therapy provides better results

Maximize your treatment results and advance the recovery process using combined therapy of Laser and Shockwave in one session

The combination of the Shockwave and Laser Therapy results in significant recovery and improvement of movement of all patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Combined therapy can be used during the same treatment session. Discover how they are a complement to each other and help you return to daily activities shortly.

Clinical Effect of the Combined therapy

After combination therapy, there was a significant improvement in all patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Compared to traditional physiotherapy methods, combined therapy gives a very good effect especially six months after the treatment. Important, that it takes much fewer sessions and a shorter duration of each session. The results show that the simultaneous use of combination therapy gives better results than using these methods alone.

Clinical Indications

The application of the Laser and the Shockwave Therapy depends on the location of the affected site and on the phase of the condition. The laser is the best for acute pain and the Shockwave is the premier-line treatment for chronic disorders. The treatments are complementary and can be used in the same medication session to achieve a faster recovery. As the result, it assures speeding up the recovery process and maximal therapeutic effects.

Together they cover a notably wide range of clinical indications. The combined therapy of the Laser and the Shockwave ensures efficient treatment of the following indications.



Similarities and differences of the Combined therapy

These two methods help improve blood flow and promote the recovery of damaged tissue. They both influence inflammation. They are different in that laser generally helps reduce it, while shockwave increases it. The laser helps guide cells through the stages of healing in a faster and more efficient manner. Shockwave restarts the inflammatory process in order to promote blood flow to damaged areas and support recovery.

Science support

The study of the Shockwave and the High-Intensity Laser combined treatment was conducted in 2013 at the Academic Medical Centre in Warsaw.

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