Carpal tunnel syndrome also called as median nerve compression

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome or Median nerve compression is the most common neuropathy resulting from peripheral nerve trapping. It is not clear, but it has been reported that 50% of patients have bilateral Median nerve compression. The etiology of this disorder is not properly known, but any conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis, repetitive movements of the wrist, and also increasing pressure in the tunnel can be associated with this disease. Eventually, the patients with fingers’ pain and numbness resulted from this condition, have dysfunction of daily activities, which make it necessary to treat.

So far, different methods are presented to treat Median nerve compression patients and they are divided into two main types: non-invasive treatment that is used for patients with mild and moderate syndrome and aggressive treatments include steroid injection, surgery, and releasing the transverse carpal ligament.

Osteo Health offers effective non-invasive treatment options for median nerve compression. Certainly, the combination of the Mentioned below modalities gives the most desired result.

It is recommended to use Shockwave Therapy as conservative treatment in patients with Median nerve compression.

For instance clinical study:     Effects of ESWT on Patients with Carpal Syndrome

Therapeutic exercise alone aren’t likely to relieve symptoms, such as pain and numbness. These exercises are most effective when combined with other treatments.

Laser therapy has proven to be an effective and noninvasive treatment modality for Median nerve compression especially for early and mild-to-moderate cases when pain is the main presenting symptom. 

 For instance clinical study:     Effectiveness of Laser therapy for Carpal Syndrome

Electrotherapy appear to be effective in treating Median nerve compression.

 Clinical study:     Effectiveness of Electrotherapy for Carpal Syndrome

Ultrasound therapy significantly reduces subjective carpal tunnel syndrome’s symptoms.

 For instance clinical study:     Ultrasound treatment for treating the Carpal Syndrome

Although the combination of massage and trigger-point therapy is a viable treatment option for Median nerve compression.

 For instance clinical study:  Massage Therapy as an Effective Treatment for Carpal Syndrome

In addition, Manual Osteopathic treatment results in a patient-perceived improvement in symptoms and function associated with median nerve compression.

 For instance clinical study:     Osteopathic manipulative treatment for Carpal Syndrome


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