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We believe finding and treating the root cause of your problem will give you an excellent outcome

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Osteo Health - your trusted osteopathy clinic in Calgary

Dealing with pain or injury impacts on your work and everyday life. But at Osteo Health, we firmly believe there’s no need to put up with a life that isn’t optimized for you.

Here at our Osteopathy clinic in Calgary, we’ve been helping our clients get back to the pain-free life they deserve since 2018. Not only do they have faith that we can treat the real cause of their pain, but they trust us with their well-being too!

This caring, holistic service is delivered by a team that provides a care plan personalized to you so that you can get back to enjoying your unique life to the max.

Who we are​

Why choose us​

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of client care, and your result is our focus. Here’s why our clients give us the best reviews:

  • High-quality professional health care services at affordable rates.
  • We treat the cause of your problem, not just your symptoms.
  • Flexible and convenient online booking system to suit your lifestyle.
  • Free parking.
  • We use a drug-free approach to improving your overall health and wellness.
  • We educate patients to empower them to make better health-related decisions for themselves and their family members.
  • We offer our clients effective methods of treatment specifically designed to meet their individual needs.
  • We practice a holistic approach for better results.
  • We invest in the latest therapeutic equipment from leading medical technology manufacturers. This means our innovative and non-invasive technologies keep you off the surgeon’s table.

Our location

Looking for convenient Osteopathy in Calgary? Find us at 290 Midpark Way SE. We’re located on the 3rd floor of the Health Plus medical building, Unit 330. To make life easier for you, you can take advantage of our free visitors’ parking in front of the building.